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Explore the land of Thunder Dragon that houses the happiest people on Earth

Bhutan, the country inhabited by the happiest people on Earth is the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, which wows on enigma with its remote green hills, charismatic Himalayan peaks and of course the unique and authentic culture. The land of Buddhists, Bhutan is the home to people having deep-rooted religious values, centuries old tradition and amazing hospitality attributes. This is a small revered kingdom, that boasts on natural magnificence in the heart of Himalayas blended so well with the amazing culture.

The outstanding landscapes dominated by lush green hills and Himalayan peaks, the big hearts of the natives while catering services to foreign travelers, and the exemplary art and architecture offer a lifetime holiday experience to every traveler visiting to Bhutan. Moreover, the highlights of this Land of Thunder Dragon also comprise the ancient forts and scared monasteries nestling in extremely unconventional locations. Travelers are not only attracted by the highlights of Bhutan that manifest its cultural and natural aspects. The wildlife in Bhutan are also equally fascinating as the country houses various species of animals, birds and plants amidst the enchanting white waterfalls and colorful prayer flags fluttering along the soaring ridges and so on.

Himalayan Glory Travels & Tours provide different package tours to Bhutan that includes Central Bhutan Cultural Tour, Western Bhutan Cultural Tour, Eastern Bhutan Cultural Tour, Druk Yul Pilgrimage Tour in Bhutan and others. You are offered an opportunity to travel around the terrain and its inhabitants for an astonishing and splendid expedition with a lifetime experience.

Bhutan Cultural Tour
Trip Code: HGTT-BT 01 Duration : 10 Days
Bhutan Cultural Tour is designed for those travelers who are interested in seeing prominent highlights of the country; culturally and naturally. The tour provides an insightful peep into the rawness of the country's Far East...
Bhutan Historical Tour
Trip Code: HGTT-BT 02 Duration: 07 Days
Bhutan Historical Cultural Tour is designed for those travelers craving to explore the depth of Bhutan historical highlights scattered in many parts of the country. Having sound relationship with the local operators and service providers...
Bhutan Tiger Nest Tour
Trip Code: HGTT-BT 03 Duration: 05 Days
This 5 days Magical Bhutan tours is one of short trips to show the highlight of insight Bhutan, Paro city and Thimphu, Punakha and some of the jewels monastery of Bhutan Kingdom...
Round Bhutan Tour
Trip Code: HGTT-BT 04 Duration: 09 Days
Make a round trip around Bhutan and know the best of Bhutanese natural and cultural delights. Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon has always been a traveler’s passion. The mysterious land Bhutan, due to its internal policies...
Bhutan Dragon Tour
Trip Code: HGTT-BT 05 Duration: 07 Days
A scenic Trans Himalayan flight over the towering Himalayan peaks including Everest and Choholmari will bring you to Paro, the only International Airstrip of Bhutan. Bhutan Dragon takes you to the Bhutanese Capital Thimpu, Paro and Phunaka...

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