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Jungle Safari in Nepal

  • Jungle Safari in Nepal

Wildlife encounters in African like jungles of Asia

Nepal offers thrilling wildlife activities as it houses more than dozen protected parks rich with wide biodiversity of floral and faunal species. Nepal is a heaven on Asia for the wildlife lovers, who are also passionate with the beauty of Himalayas and cultural wonders. Since the woods of Nepal vary hugely with their locations at varying elevation the species we encounter during the jungle walks or wildlife activities in Nepal also diverse. The highland mountainous woods house different species of floras including 32 diverse species of rhododendron alone and the elusive species of the cat family, the snow leopard. The jungles of lowland plains in the south are the home to king of the jungle, Royal Bengal Tiger, huge herbivore one horned rhino and the ruthless predators, mugger and ghariyal crocodiles.

Our wildlife safaris in Nepal are most popular in the lowland parks, which include Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Chitwan and Bardiya are known for extremely interesting wildlife safaris on the back of giant Asiatic Elephants that penetrate the jungles catering you the opportunities to sight different species of mammals, flowering plants, reptiles and birds. Besides the jeep drives, dugout canoe rides the cultural shows at these parks also are the major highlights of the jungle safaris in Nepal. Koshi Tappu, the protected Park in the southeastern part of the country is the best destination for bird watchers as it caters more than 400 species of residential and migratory birds.

Being a part of Nepal’s wildlife activities is no doubt the greatest thrills of jungles in entire Asia. Join our groups for the wildlife activities in Nepal that could possibly cater the adventures like one gets to enjoy during the wildlife safaris of Africa.

Popular National Parks

Chitwan National Park
Bardia National Park