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White Water River Rafting in Nepal

  • White Water River Rafting in Nepal

The thrills of water, in the raging rivers that originate in the Himalayas…

Besides Himalayan adventure, Nepal has a reputation of great destination for other adventure and the white water rafting is the foremost one among them. Hundreds of small streams also feed the raging rivers that emerge from the glacial lakes in the Himalayas and rivulets making them help to accumulate enough water for the thrilling rafting activities.

All major rivers created from the Himalayas run down to the plains of Nepal’s Terai through the gorges and canyons in between the dense forests on both sides and this is where rafting activity in Nepal takes place catering great amount of adrenaline rush. We have plenty of rafting options in Nepal that cater different levels of river torrents. offers tremendous exciting experience of paddling. The river journey is one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to experience the life of rural areas and spectacular scenery of nature's beauty and some of water world animals to. However, our top priority is to provide quality service with safety for you. Our rafting guides inform all the aspects of rafting and river safety before starting the trip. Safety Kayakers are always along on high water expeditions.

In Nepal, We have classic level of 3+ till Adventure Thrill 5+ grade river you have allowed to do rafting form a day tours to overnight stay trips. One of the classic river 'Trishuli River 3+ grade offer a day rafting trips to 3 days stay along the river side beach from Kathmandu Every day. Just east north form Kathmandu, The Bhotekoshi River offers you 4+ grades with high rapid adventure for a day to 2 days trips. Another Seti 'White' river offer 2 days classic rafting along the Grand Canyon and mighty farmer villages is another possibility for you. The 'Kaligandaki and Marshyangdi river from the Annapurna Himalayas and Mustang offer extra challenge with high rapid 2 to 3 days trips. There are some other rivers like Sunkoshi, Karnali on west, Tamor and some of the narrow river offer Adventure thiriling rafting and Kayaking for you. Rafting on the rivers of Nepal is one of the best ways of experiencing the country - from shaded canyons, majestic gorges; rock-strewn torrents and picturesque villages. Negotiating the swift, clear glacial water on the inflatable rafts, expertly handled by professional crew is an exciting and memorable experience.

Rafting trips in Nepal River and Rat Duration

  • Trishuli River - Every day - Day trips to 3 Days stay on Camping.
  • Bhote Koshi River - Day trip to 2 Days on Overnight tent.
  • Seti River - 2 days trip with night stay on tented camp.
  • Kali Gandaki River - 2 days to 3 days stay night on tented camp.
  • Marshyangdi River - 2 days to 3 days stay at local guest house along the river side.
  • Karnali River Epedition - 5 to 7 days stay with tented camp.
  • Sunkoshi river expedition - 6 to 9 days trip with drive+hike+ Raft on tented camp stay.