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Why Travel With Himalayan Glory Travels

Reasons that stand out us with other tour operators of Nepal

We are a team of experienced and professional travel loving persons. We love to share travel information about the landmarks we have explored and as travelers ourselves, we understand the importance of professional expertise the fellow travelers seek during their holidays.

Here we have listed why we stand out to other tour operators in Nepal:

Personal Care
We do not complain being a small tour operator but obviously, we dream to be big. Our only strategy to become a larger stakeholder in the industry is by catering the services in such a way that all our travelers are completely satisfied with our services. We do not tend into peep into your privacy but we make sure we are always in the loop are and watching carefully so that we get what you need to get. Every client for us is treated at personal level knowing his or her preferences, budget and motives.

Tailor made Trips
Our carefully tailor made trips cater you lifetime experiences. Each tour or trek we operate goes through extensive planning making sure we supply you detailed information about your destination, cultural and environmental guidelines, recommended lists, and travel tips. We have designed and operated tours here for many years already and continue to do so because we find it tremendously rewarding to share our passion for the Himalayas and it’s Nature beauty.

Responsible traveling
We fully insure all our staff, including our vital helpers, Drivers, the porters. Our insurance covers illness and rescue costs as well as compensation to their family in the unlikely event of their death. It is unusual to find this level of insurance in this industry due to the high expense, but we cannot allow ourselves to operate without it. We pay our staff at above industry rates as we value the relationship, the experience and the knowledge of our exceptional team.

>We contribute some of our profit for Child poverty of Nepal via SCCN. In the way each of our guests is providing support to the communities they have travelled to visit. Our contributions have supported communities to deliver education, medical and environmental benefits to their villages and local areas of Nepal. We minimize the impact on the environment through our tours and adventure trekking in Himalayas ensuring that we don’t invade the environment in big groups; not burning wood and contributing to deforestation; not leaving rubbish behind; boiling water for drink or use iodine reducing plastic waste; ensuring we don’t pollute water sources through washing or toilet procedures; and more. We always respect local cultures and people by advising our guests of local customs.

Value for Money
We deliver exceptional products at a very good price for you, we never charge you any hidden cost on the tours and treks. Our guide and team are always happy to deliver you the truth and fact advice.

Safety first
After the powerful quake travelers, have doubts on traveling to Nepal because of the safety issues. We being the responsible tour operator would like to assure you that Nepal is a safe destination to travel. However, we have always prioritized the safety of every client as our prime concern every time we have operated our tours. We guarantee you to deliver the best time of your in the Himalayas and promise you to see you off back home happy and safe.

About Us
Himalayan Glory Travels and Tours is a government-registered Travels and tour agency operated by competent and expert teams including trekking guides, tour guides, mountain guides and more...

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Himalayan Glory Team
Our Travel experienced Tour Leaders will bring the history and culture of your destination to life, as well as ensure the smooth and safe operation of all aspects your trip in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. All of our Leaders possess an amazing breadth of knowledge and love of travel, their expert guidance...

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