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Wilderness Trekking in Nepal

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Trekking to the remotest corners of the country…

Wilderness Trekking includes all other major trekking trials around Nepal that wind through the remotest corners of the country. Each trek under Wilderness Trekking will take you close to the extreme wilderness and let you enjoy the extreme wilds of Nepal and caters the degree of adventurous fun to be so close with the nature itself.

Whether you are standing beneath Mt. Dhaulagiri or beside the beautiful Rara Lake, either you are walking along the hills around Kathmandu or you are struggling to get to the remoteness of Dolpo, nothing you see will fail your expectation. In fact you won’t even be surprised through the rewards you get walking along the trials your expectation will raise higher and eventually satisfies you.

Every wilderness trek in Nepal will allow you to experience the remoteness of the respective areas. However, the remoteness is the key to experience something unique within the areas. Every place you visit will definitely create you unforgettable memories for your entire life. Besides, the people in each region with their own significant culture will add the surprises to your trip.

The wild regions we operate the treks into are safe trekking destinations of the country and most of Wilderness Treks we operate are Full Boarded Treks. We urge every trek fanatic craving to see out of the box highlights of Himalayan Trek to undertake one of these treks and feel the real wilderness of Nepal’s time forgotten regions.

Wilderness Trekking in Nepal Trips

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trekking
Duration : 21 Days
Mount Dhaulagiri (8137m), the seventh highest peak in the world rises above the Kali Gandaki River, which flows between the Annapurna Massif and this awesome peak. The trail extends through one of Nepal's wildest and most remote areas where the mountain scenery is simply breathtaking...
Kathmandu Valley Trek
Duration : 09 Days
Few people trek around the Kathmandu valley. Yet it offers a rich insight into the lives, history, culture and religion, together with the daily toil in the fields of its inhabitants. The valley rim lies around 1000/2800 m and in the spring offers...
Manaslu Trekking
Duration : 20 Days
This picturesque trek goes along Buri Gandaki river closed until 1992. This route is not a regular trail.It is used only by the expedition group for Mt. Manaslu (8163m)...
Tsum Valley Trek
Duration : 21 Days
Tsum valley trekking is recently opened for trekking it is restricted area for trekking in Nepal which is located in trans-Himalayan region of Gorkha District...
Humla Limi Valley Trekking
Duration : 21 Days
Our once-in-a-lifetime journey to Kailash begins in the fabled district of Humla, located in the remote far western corner of Nepal...
Rolwaling Valley Trekking
Duration : 21 Days
This trek lies in the eastern part of Nepal . This is a moderate type of trek with glorious view over mountain.Rolwaling valley trek provides an experience...
Rara Lake Trekking
Duration : 17 Days
Jumla and Rara lie in remote Karnali region, about 375 Kilometers north-west of Kathmandu. The region is made-up of long ridges covered with temperate forests...
Dolpo Trekking
Duration : 12 Days
Our once-in-a-lifetime journey to Kailash begins in the fabled district of Humla, located in the remote far western corner of Nepal....

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